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Feb 26, 2014 7:00am PST
construction the parties intend to cooperate in the implementation of innovative energy efficient environmentally friendly technologies as boston scientific research. for example in the lascivious institute of the physics named after the scoop in line saying whoa said the scientific expertise in this year with domestic experts. mumbai. research work will be carried out on the basis of the region national university names of the old glove. we also plan implementation of pickle houses which will be realized for the development of a dual system of education. all decisions in the framework of the number of them will be implemented. all projects will be certified for the compliance with international environmental standards. according to watson a famous pianist and music teacher valerie gets its key came to us tonight and honored artist of russia will hold master classes for young cousin musicians during five days. the young piano players are playing for a major event the international competition for young pianist which will be held in austin i made this year. last year the competitio
Mar 1, 2014 7:00pm PST
know when inject energy you have to inject energy even if it's doesn't seem to be possible. this damage is the only thing we can get us out of this the price is going to college. and i think we have to keep the vision that drew them in school poets can get hold of this money the state. and tune into the goo with optimistic and i can have something somebody reflection of love t think it does have a great ride the train seats. you know it's in a muffled photography is not the most effective way to change the reality. when auntie would directly with twenty two symbolic we'll just this one is long gone and the green power. i think it's his choice will we the authors choose not to have the recall which was good just to smooth call. but there will come from somewhere. and if we stop to make people think it's a good beginning. stonewall is then in israeli cinema today. his love for me to this time around to the critics the unemployed. division two title is mine won't. i'm trying to stick to touch his time had come to an exposed nerve. grateful to graphics and multi core. he did it soon grew to
Mar 5, 2014 6:30am PST
shown success is not at all certain that what is going to dedicate all our energy to fix them what to do it too may it is only concerned with the pinch. now yes that is causing tension national affairs and are leaving jacinta highly enough. we just heard on friday since peaking at all says a friend said that the eu could indeed impose sanctions on russia later this week if things were not pulled back at how likely is that to happen what trade sanctions are we talking about when you know this and not a stuffed dog from woodside's the anti putting this into actually implementing it isn't reducing game as the millenia gemini is not as keen and project has taken a soft approach because ann jennings and he said. to date i read russian gas he says. you know putin is on sunday when the waiter that the united states confidence against a geeky he said he did kill the economy flight so he said is betty intertwined in a simple easing sanctions on dress and a much bigger economy is going to be daddy to take the danube time companion to your success by sanctions regimes that be packing a gun and bomb
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3